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Aladdin Full Movie: “Aladdin” Walt Disney Pictures-movie just released a the movie ‘Aladdin’ for IMAX. This new design shows the main characters of the film being born from the lamp in which the Genius played by Will Smith is hidden.

The new adaptation live action will premiere in Peru this May 23. The trailers of the movie are the ones that have most trapped all the followers of Disney movies.

The animated version of “Aladdin” was released in 1992 and was produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. This tape had the direction and production of John Musker and Ron Clements.

The new film is an attempt by Disney to captivate the new generations and to have a greater number of fans for the future.

It is one of the most anticipated releases of this year. The live-action version of Aladdin arrives on the big screen in less than a month and is already giving something to talk about. After the first advance, now, comes a new poster of the film starring Will Smith, which, by the way, is becoming much commented on social networks for a particular detail.

The image shows all the protagonists, but the fans stopped at the appearance of Jafar. It is that for the netizens the mythical villain of Disney, it is not dark at all, in comparison to the original and animated version.

The Walt Disney Company and the Make-A-Wish Foundation launched this week, in commemoration of World Dream Day or World Wish Day, the challenge # UnAmigoComoTú to celebrate the premiere of Aladdin, Disney’s long-awaited live-action film, which arrives in theaters in Peru this May 23.

The challenge # UnAmigoComoTú is part of a global campaign of marketing with cause supported by two collaborators of Make-A-Wish: Disney and Will Smith. The actor and record artist, who plays the Genie who fulfills wishes to Aladdin in the new Disney movie, encourages fans and celebrities to join the campaign and help show the world what to desire is power.

The initiative proposes the question: If you were the Genie of Aladdin, of Disney, and you had the opportunity to grant three wishes, with whom would you share them? The mechanics of the action consists of tagging a friend on Twitter and / or Instagram and, for each public posting that includes the hashtag # UnAmigoComoTú, from April 29 to May 24, 2019, Disney Worldwide Services will donate to Make- A-Wish the sum of 5 dollars, until reaching one million dollars to help fulfill wishes to children with serious illnesses around the world.

In Latin America, specifically, all the subsidiaries of Make-A-Wish with a presence in the region, which are located in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Panama, will benefit. For more information, those interested can visit the web pages FriendLikeMe.org or Compromisodisney.com.

“The launch of Aladdin presents a unique opportunity to connect the powerful theme of the film, grant wishes, with the wonderful work that Make-A-Wish does for the benefit of children dealing with serious diseases around the world,” said Elissa Margolis, Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, The Walt Disney Company.

On May 24, the movie “Aladdin”, the live action version, will be released and Disney shared a new poster where you can see the three main characters of the story.

The new film is an adaptation of the animated classic that premiered in 1992 and which featured the participation of the late comedian Robin Williams as the genius of the lamp. However, in the new adaptation we will also have very good actors, as is the case of Will Smith, who will now play the genius.

The actor Mena Massaud will play Aladdin and the intrepid one of Jasmine will be interpreted by the British actress Naomi Scott.

The genius aspect of the real action version in Aladdin has sparked many online debates. Some believe it is a well-deserved tribute to Robin Williams, while others have been horrified by the idea that Will Smith appears painted blue in the film. The truth is that the trailer you will find on these lines has revealed that this only occurs when the actor leaves his lamp, but the protagonist of Men in Black does not care what has been said. Smith thinks that the negative reviews are “very funny”.

During an interview with Empire, the actor recalled that at the time of The Prince of Bel Air or Two Rebel Police the Internet was not as relevant as now, so he did not have to deal with this type of controversy and, above all, with the world of memes.

For his part, the director Guy Ritchie has confessed to the same means to have received apologies from many of those who did not trust this character when the ‘teaser’ was published: “I have even received apologies from the cynics who were so angry at the beginning I’ve never seen apologies in that world, “Oh, great, we’re back to the point where I expected to be.”

Be that as it may, Aladdin will arrive in Spain’s movie theaters next May 14 and the well-known actor will continue to play the genius so loved by many when Williams played it in 1992. In the leading role is Mena Massoud accompanied by Naomi Scott as Jasmine, Marwan Kenzari as Jafar and Navid Negahban as The Sultan. For or against this adaptation? Take a look at the trailer you will find on these lines.